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We have the skills and experience to complete your concrete project on time, at an affordable price and give the concrete the look and feel you want.


We offer a variety of finishes with out concrete.


broom finish concrete medford oregonBroom Finished Concrete: This look gives the concrete a light texture in with lines from being swept with a broom. This is completed before it sets completely. This is a very common finish on sidewalks and commercial areas. Color can be added to give it a unique look.




exposed aggregate medford oregon, exposed aggregate concrete medfordExposed Aggregate Concrete: With this finish the top layer of the concrete is removed so the aggregate below is exposed. The aggregate is all of the small little rocks. This is very popular look.






stamped concrete medford oregon, stamped concrete contractor medofrd orStamped Concrete: This concrete finish is not only popular in Medford but all of Southern Oregon and the world. Stamped concrete gives the concrete texture and color. The type of textures are almost unlimited. Color is often added making the concrete absolutely beautiful. In fact it often times does not even look like concrete once we are done. The options of texture and color are almost limitless.


hard trowel concrete medford or, smooth concrete medfordHard Trowel Concrete: This is a smooth concrete finish. This is most common in garages, shops and basements.







refinish concrete medford oregon, concrete overlay medford or, redo concrete medfordOverlay: Overlays can be used to cover up an existing but ugly concrete slab as long as it is still structurally sound. This is always much less expensive when compared to tearing out and re-pouring concrete. It can make a huge difference in the look of your home.




With the exception of overlay here is the process we go through with all of our concrete projects. This process is extremely important to making sure we provide the highest quality product to all of our clients.


1. Excavate 8” to 12” of the existing soils.

2. Replace the excavated soil with ¾ - (three quarter minus) structural fill and compact it. This provides a cushion between the undisturbed soils and your new concrete.

3. Placing and tying a rebar mat of steel The rebar prevents the concrete from lifting and separating when it cracks. Yes it will crack, all concrete cracks.

4. Finally we tool in or saw cut joints into the concrete in order to control cracks.


Make sure when you are talking with concrete contractors, in Medford or from anywhere else in Southern Oregon, ask them about their installation process. If they do not follow the above methods call someone else.


The reason being that if those steps are not followed as we just outlaid above; your are going to have lots of problems with your concrete. It will start cracking, heaving, lifting and separating very quickly. In other words your new concrete is going to look really bad really fast.


Before we go we want you to know this. There are two infallible truths about concrete.


1. It is going to crack. No matter how good the concrete contractor is. No matter how much time and effort is put into it. It is going to crack.

2. No one will ever steal it.


If you want a really good concrete contractor in Medford Oregon give us a call. We offer fast and free bids. Plus we’re really friendly.  We also offer block, stone and many other mason services.


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