Seismic Upgrades Contractor Oregon


We have complete several large projects where we can structurally save buildings without the need to tear them down.


Along with a team of engineers we can design a project that will give the building not only a facelift but make it more structurally sound.


This can be done for half the cost of what a tear down and rebuild would cost.


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The other big benefit to this other than the cost is that we can keep the building operational while we are performing the work.


If you have an old building you would like to save. There are many ways to accomplish this with today’s technology and materials.


We have worked with the historical society on several projects to make sure the building turned out looking just like the original.


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Give us a call if you have a project like this. We are one of just a handful of companies on the west coast that has the experience and certification with these kinds of projects.


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